renegade mallory sweater

IMG_2754I’m back from easter vacation! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday – I definitely did. I’ll share some picture in the next “around here” post, later this week. I mentioned in the last post that I had one goal – to eat and drink well, and I certainly did that. Anyways, this is about the sweater I promised to share after easter. So here it is, with some lovely sunset pictures!

IMG_2798Yarn: Fingering weight “Tynn Alpakka” yarn from “Du Store Alpakka”, in a dark brown.
Pattern: Heritage Pretty Mallory by Cascade Yarns. By the way, I came across an early discussion where the designer was settling on the name of the pattern, and I liked the first iteration of “Renegade Mallory”. See more of my notes on my ravelry project page.
Techniques: Lace on the sleeves, top-down raglan construction. Did shaping at sides instead of in middle. I used twisted knit stitches on all the rib, and it helps it not stretch out too badly, and looks very neat. The rib doesn’t lay totally flat though, but I’m not quite sure what to do about that.

IMG_2784 I started knitting this last april, and got about 4 inches past the neckband into the raglan construction, and then I put it away for almost a year. I’m not sure why I did, but after picking it up in January, it’s been pretty much a breeze! I mentioned here that I was flying through the sleeves, and they really did go so much faster than I expected once I had memorized the lace repeats. Of course, all I had left then was half a sweater worth of stockinette knitting! Slow and steady, and finally I was done with that too.

IMG_2790The pattern has some slight shaping at the princess lines in the front and the back, but I wasn’t crazy about potentially seeing that shaping, so I moved it to the sides. I also decreased a little extra on the front only, to shape for the bust a little better. This means that the sweater isn’t actually the same front to back, but you can’t *see* the difference easily! During my easter travelling I kept having to hold up the sweater to the light to see where the shaping was. So, this morning I took some scrap yarn and wove in a couple of rows of contrasting color to act as a sort of label. I thought that was quite clever!

I call this one a success. Also, pretty sunsets and clear skies, and warm, thin sweaters for spring days that I believe are here.IMG_2793

9 thoughts on “renegade mallory sweater”

    1. Thank you! It’s still so deliciously soft! PS I’ll tell John about the pictures, all credit is to him – my talented photograph boyfriend!

    1. Thank you Vibeke! It helps having a photographer boyfriend… ;) By the way, what a lovely blog (and lovely knitting projects) you have!

  1. Hey, glad you had a great Easter holiday – eating and drinking well is highly important! Lovely sweater, the lace detail of the sleeves is a nice touch to add some interest to a ‘basic’ sweater (that’s not meant as an insult to basics – I love simple garments!). You’ve done a great job!

    1. Mm, good food and drink are not to be underestimated. Oh, and I agree with the basic-thing, the lace totally keeps it from being boring, but at the same time – it’s simple enough to sort of work as a basic. Since most of my knitted things have been more elaborate or indulging in colors, it tickles me to have something “basic” that works, and that I made! Thank you Lauren!

    1. Thank you! It worked like a charm this morning when I put it on! (Hm… so I think that means I’ve worn this pretty much every other day after finishing it, yey!)

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