seamless hybrid in progress – trials and tribulations

Ok, so that tagline was just for my Jesus Christ Superstar-loving boyfriend. Though, there has been *a bit* of trial with this sweater! Just a little bit. And self-imposed, at that.


This picture was supposed to show how far I got before I ripped it back all the way to the hem, but it doesn’t really show anything at all, except a yarnbomb in my lap. And my water bottle in the seat-back pocket on the flight to Amsterdam. Anyways, the story doesn’t start there. It starts here:


Or, you know, it starts further back. I made John a Seamless hybrid sweater (Elizabeth Zimmerman style) back in 2009. Since I keep borrowing it, I figured I should probably just make one for myself. So I started, with some lovely tweed yarn in a seafoam green that I bought in Portland, Maine, and I knit all of the stockinette of the body before deciding that yes, I really did need to buy two more skeins to have enough yarn, and no, I could not find a dye lot match.


So, I ripped back to the hem and now I’m knitting this sweater – again – but now with alternating new yarn and old yarn every row. I considered just doing the one color and then the other, but I knew the color difference would be too much for even a transition blending to camouflage this one. You can see the difference in the color if you look hard; the hem actually is a different color being just the old yarn, and there are striations in the stockinette. I don’t mind (at least I mind a lot less than very subtle, but not subtle enough colorblocking would have).


And, this sweater got to go back to Italy being exactly as much knit as it was last time, despite the hours put into it in the meanwhile.

wpid-20130329122523837.jpgI’m glad it’s all stockinette though. I am travelling to spend this coming weekend doing a final fitting (and then opening night!) for the costumes I’ve worked on the last several months, and I’m bringing a book and this sweater to keep me company in transit. Here’s to smooth sailing from now on out!

2 thoughts on “seamless hybrid in progress – trials and tribulations”

  1. beautiful color
    that yarn is one of my absolute favourites!
    all the garments i have knitted with this yarn keeps
    it’s shape perfectly despite endless use.
    the local yarnshop had 50% on a few colors of this yarn
    last month and i manged to get hold on just enough for a
    cardigan or sweater. lucky me : )

    wishing you the best of luck with the fitting
    also with the opening night.


    1. Hi Vibeke – thank you for your input on the yarn, I’m so glad to hear you like this yarn! When I knit I think it’s hard to know ecactly how the yarn will behave as fabric, so that’s really helpful.

      Yey for sales and sweater amounts of yarn (I have a bad habit of just buying “a little” of yarn or fabric, a yard or a couple of skeins, when I don’t know what I’m using it for. Which of course means I often don’t have enough to make what I actually want! Must. buy. more.)!

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