seasonally inappropriate knitting

My interest in sewing has approached non-existent lately (except, perhaps, the more mundane parts of sewing buttons and replacing snaps and moving belt-loops), so instead I have been reading, doing dishes, and seasonally inappropriate knitting.


yellow_cowl_second2Wool scarves are still welcome in the pretty chilly May mornings, but I’ll admit I really didn’t need it for these dusk pictures. It maybe looks familiar, since it used to be another cowl I made. In my collection of cowls it was the least functioning one, being so skinny that even three loops around my neck wasn’t quite satisfying enough. I let it sit unwound for a while before I realized that doubling the yarn and making it all about texture would be the way to let the yarn shine (and, to be honest, serve me best). It took me a couple of tries and a tired wrist (the chopstick-sized needles are not the easiest to knit with!) but half a season of Gossip Girl was plenty for this yarn refashion.


I was planning on just having a single picture for this quick alteration, but then John went and took so many good pictures that I had to add some more.


P.S. There will probably will be some random, non-sewing-related posts for a while until the interest is sparked again. I really want to write about my running shoes, so I think I’ll do that. And I don’t even run anymore.


6 thoughts on “seasonally inappropriate knitting”

      1. Yep, you wrote about them before when I was starting to look into getting something with less of a sole (I’m taller in my runners than I am in some of my shoes!!!). I like the style of those ones too, just haven’t been running as much so hadn’t felt like i deserved them!

      2. Hehe.. here’s a spoiler: I don’t run anymore, but I still really like my running shoes! ;)

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