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Whoa, it’s been a while!

These past few weeks, I have been…
hibernating. It turns out me being sick so frequently over the last months is probably due to some minor health issues wreaking havoc with my immune system. Nothing serious, but a real dent in my energy levels has taken its toll on sewing and knitting output.
– reading a thick novel called “The Invisible Mountain”, and enjoying it very much.
serging along with my new serger! My first project, which you may recognize as the Amerson undies, was a bit of a bust (seriously, trash-can next). The color/fabric combination I chose might not be the best, but this just looks like a puffy boxing costume on me. I may have gotten a little excited and rushed through, so I’ll try one more time with presicion. I’m have a feeling this might not be a flattering style on me though, unfortunately.
noticing colors, from increadible sunset to black & mint nails after a pirate party, and chalk-decorated stairs.
planning a dress to wear to a wedding in Ireland this fall. For years I’ve wanted to copy this evening dress from the 30s from one of Janet Arnold’s very thorough Patterns of Fashion-books. Now seems to be the time! I did a quick drape to start, and I’m looking forward to getting started on this!

9 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Oh, no – I haven’t even made a muslin yet! I don’t work as fast as some people, wink wink! I’m planning on wearing it to a wedding in the beginning of September, so you should see progress in the weeks to come. But first, drafting and muslin-ing. Thanks! I’m excited and a little scared, since I have this beautiful dress in mind and I hope it turns out as I want it to!

  1. ÅÅÅhhhh, den kjolen ser allerede inderlig vakker ut!
    for en aldeles nydelig farge,
    gleder meg til å følge med på syprosessen her inne.

    nyt sommerdagene
    happy sewing : )

  2. That 30s dress looks like it will be amazing! Overlockers make such a difference don’t they? I got one awhile ago and now I wonder what I did without it.

    1. Thank you! I’m very excited to get started on it! Oh, and I know what you mean with overlockers. I’ve been fortunate enough to use them for work lots, but there are definite options that opens up when you have an overlocker!

    1. Thanks! This dress will probably become a major project, so there will be plenty of pictures! Can’t wait to get started on the muslin now!

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