around here







 These past few weeks, I have been…
knitting. Knitting and working, and knitting at work, as you can see from the keyboard in the pictures. It’s still the seamless hybrid from last week and vacations past, but look look! Getting close.
– reading summer literature in the sunshine on the rocky coats, on buses and trains and planes as I took myself on a short summer vacation to the south of Norway. I’ve made an effort to read more fiction this year, and so far succeeding. This weeks book was “Vidunderbarn” by the Norwegian author Roy Jacobsen (enjoyed it – I like his train-of-thought-conversationalist style. It is part a time piece on Oslo in the 60s, and part a coming-of-age story). Some other books I haven’t made a note of having read is “Just Kids” by Patti Smith (interesting and such a foreign time, place, and environment), and “Det fine som flyter forbi” by Ida Løkås (it’s a quiet story, and at times heartbreaking, but I didn’t totally love it. I thought it was a little on the juvenile side some times, and it can be artificial to be writing outside of an environment you know. Could this have been set in Norway instead of London? It’s a little jarring to have archetypical British names and places and train stops in the middle of well-written Norwegian language, in which it was written and published – so it’s not a translated book).
rearranging the apartment, including completely emptying the bookshelves to move them around, and then being a little more selective about what got to go back. It feels more open in the apartment now, but not everything is quite sorted out – I have an armchair just hanging out, waiting for me to start a reupholstery class (!) in a months time, but right now it’s just a clothes receptible.
eating halloumi-cheese for the first time. In my little vacation there was grilling outside every day, and halloumi was my main thing. So yummy!
relaxing like nothing else, while getting sunburned and being on more boats than ever before in my life. The islands down there are so gorgeous, with rugged rocks, little white wooden houses, car-free islands with walking paths, and flowers, flowers, and boats, everywhere. Taking the boat to the island grocery store to buy ice-cream!


4 thoughts on “around here”

    1. I loved it! For a minute the apartment looked like we were eccentric artists or authors living in a loft in a big city and keeping the most important stuff on the kitchen counters. Haha!

  1. Might I suggest a if uou are currently a fan a fab halloumi recipe from here in Australia halloumi squares, pineapple and prawns on rosemary twigs on the BBQ with chilli, lime, tomato and coriander salsa. Tastes like sunshine. Love reading your blog always inspired. Cheers Siobhan x

    1. Ooo, that sounds delicious! I read that in Greece they eat it with watermelon – I wonder if the pineapple has the same sort of “effect”. Thanks for the sweet words, and thanks for reading! -B

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