around here







These past weeks, I have been…
celebrating my birthday among friends whose kindness and presence makes reassures me that they know me well. And they make me happy.
moving into the season where sunrise happens after the workday begins.
knitting wedding-gifts still. Late, but still in time for their winter approaching. These mittens have reminded me how much I like doing colorwork (at least on a small scale like this), and how utterly warm they are when they are done. I need to make myself a pair too!
– reading an Australian book that has just been beautiful. “After the fire, a still small voice” by Evie Wyld has a poetic language and imagery that surprised and enticed me, and I’m sure it’s not just because the nature and culture and colors and smells of Australia are utterly unfamiliar to me. It was beautiful. I’m still carrying it with me inside, and I was so sad to get to the end of the book, though there wasn’t any solution or climax I was waiting for either. Just wonderful.
reupholstering my stupid chair. It’s only stupid this week because it feels like one step forward and two back. My decision to strip and redo the woodwork is awarding me with lots of extra work. But it’s quite a learning process, and that’s kind of the point of taking classes.
growing peppers. I hope they mature to edibility. I fear we might have overwatered the poor thing while we were in Ireland (we set up a sort of automatic watering system with a rag in a bowl of water leading to the pot, but it seemed like it worked a little too well!), but it’s hanging on.
feeling creative. Both commissioned dresses, fixing small projects of my own (underwear! Adding a buttonhole finally! Project Life album making!), and going to the art festival happening this month in Bergen is helping my creative senses feeling engaged. I like that.


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