pinterest for pattern stash

pinterest_for_pattern_stashYesterday I had an idea I thought was very clever – using pinterest to keep track of my pattern stash! I see on pinterest I’m not the only one to have had this idea, but isn’t it clever?

Often I think I should be better about using patterns I have instead of coveting new ones all the time (I’m looking at you guys, Deer & Doe, Named Clothing Patterns, and Thread Theory). The problem is just that I keep forgetting what I actually have available. I have a folder full of downloaded digital patterns on my computer desktop, but they’re not easily and visually accessible there, so they are out of sight and out of mind. No more though!

I linked to the pattern shops for the indie patterns I have, grabbed the line drawing from BurdaStyle’s website for the many patterns I downloaded before they started charging for nearly everything, and used my phone to take pictures of the vintage patterns I have. Phew – I feel all organized! And, I have many more patterns than I was aware of. That’s the deal with stashes I guess!


8 thoughts on “pinterest for pattern stash”

  1. At first I was like ‘I already do that too but in Flickr’. But then you mentioned downloaded patterns. I realized I don’t have an inventory of those (probably have 15-30 now). So a Pinterest group showing the downloaded patterns I already have to choose from would be great and much easier to create there than in Flickr like the others. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you can find it useful! I think it’s a similar realization I had – at the very least, just how easy it would be to use pinterest for this purpose. I’m a visual person, and a total listmaker, so I love that I can kind of see them all at once too!

      1. I use it to orden my fabric stash (work in progress) sewing plans, house improvement plans, Christmas presents shopping plans and ideas… Basically everything that needs pictures, lists and to do’s combined… I use the free version, and that works fine!

      2. Oh, wow – that sounds like a really useful tool! I use Trello for some of those things, but I’m not sure the picture aspect of that app is very strong… Hmm, I must look into this! Thanks for the tip!

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