around here







These past weeks, I have been…
biking to work in the mornings (at least some of them – I need more reflective bands and vests now that the mornings are so dark). 
basking in the sunshine we’ve been fortunate to have. John and I biked to a park at the end of the city peninsula and sat in the sun eating brownies, drinking tea from a thermos, reading the paper and watching the boats go in and out of port. It’s fall, no doubt about it, but to be able to sit outside still is just wonderful.
– baking again. I bought a bag of small-mill rye flour, and I don’t know why it’s different, but it is. I like everything about it from the design of the bag to the consistency of the flour to how it makes the bread dough feel.
working on a refashioned dress for a customer. It’s a total disassemble-and-reassemble sort of project, and now in the home stretch it’s a thrill to see it totally different and almost done.
– reading Tom Wolfe and his “From Bauhaus to our house”. His narration of American architecture requires previous knowledge on the subject, but his tounge is sharp and his tone entertaining.
treating myself to flowers. I love hydrangeas.

6 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Oh, nice! Where are you going? If I’m familiar in the area I’d be happy to give recommendations! Oh – here’s a freebie – dress warmly! ;) (I think most places have hit or are approaching the freezing point, at least at night).

      1. Not until August/Sept of next year. But I’m just starting to actually get my plans in order. Stopping in Iceland for a few days, then flying to Norway. Then some train travels and eventually Sweden, Denmark and Finland. I’m taking 5-6 weeks off.

      2. That should be a nice time to visit – not summer warm, but pleasant. You know I’ll recommend visiting Bergen (heh), especially since Iceland Air flies directly from Reykjavik and here. The trainride between Bergen and Oslo is worth doing, and Oslo is our hub of course. Göteborg is a lovely city, and from there maybe go to Malmö and experience the bridge across to Copenhagen? After watching the tv-series “The Bridge” of course! There is lots to see, hopefully you will enjoy the period of planning as much as the travel itself! Feel free to email me at anytime if you want more unsolicited advice and opinions, haha! ;)

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoy it! I always like seeing similar things from other people, and I find it a great way to share little snippets that don’t fit in other places. Plus – this year it’s been a wonderful way of archiving the books I’ve read (since I’ve actually read much more this year!).

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