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These past weeks, I have been…
travelling down to Italy. I flew cross-country to meet my dad, then we took the boat to Germany and drove the rest of the way to Italy.
working hard on picking olives. It’s that time of the year again, and the reason for travelling in the first place. It’s been olives from morning to night, olives, olives, everywhere. It was the first time I got to participate in the entire process – from prepping to picking to gathering to pressing…. to bringing jugs of olive oil with me home in my suitcase. It is so cool to get play hunter/gatherer/farmer and produce your own foodstuff!
– blocking a sweater while down there, taking advantage of the beautiful weather we were having. I finished it in August, but haven’t bothered blocking it until now. Look out for a finished sweater post in the next few days!
reading “The Great Gatsby”, the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. My local library is having a booknight with this book, and since I had a copy on my bookshelf, I thought it would be an excellent reason to re-read it.  It is strange though – I think your first experience reading a book stays with you upon re-readings. I definitely felt like a high schooler or college kid again reading this.
planning some sewing-projects after a lot of knitting (besides the mittens and the finished sweater I have a cardigan on the needles). I’m thinking a Gertie Portrait Blouse and a panelled ikat/plain fabric miniskirt.

4 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Yep! 6th year running now! But it’s only the second time I’ve actually participated – it’s always been terribly timing for me. It’s a whole-year thing of pruning and doing upkeep though, so I’ve felt an ownership in the past too, but it was sooo cool to be able to be there for the whole process this time!

  1. Lovely photos! And I agree, I think the first reading stays with you. And when I was in high school I read exactly that edition of The Great Gatsby. Definitely takes me back! :)

    1. Oh, that’s funny! I actually got this one at a “Take a book for free” stand at my college in Chicago (though I also read it first while being an exchange student in high school in Alabama), and the copy has the original readers notes and highlighting! I don’t know if she gave up half-way through the book since the markings stopped, or maybe she got engrossed in the text, haha!

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