green & tweedy seamless sweater


Yarn: DK weight “Felted Tweed” from “Rowan” in the turquoise green #152, about 4,5 skeins worth of it (ravelry project page).
Pattern: Another Seamless hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I’ve made one earlier for John, and after borrowing it a few (ahem) times, I thought I should make one for myself.
Techniques: Contrast band on inside of hem, raglan sleeves, yoke.



Isn’t the church in the background great? It’s right next to the bus stop where we take the airport express to Rome, so the morning of heading back from olive picking we snapped some pictures while waiting for the bus. It feels like this sweater belongs to Italy somewhat now, since I’ve been working on it the last two times I’ve been there! To me it also feels like a sitting-outside-around-an-open-fire-sweater, so it fits right in there.


It’s the second seamless hybrid I’ve made, the first one being this black cotton/wool one for John – actually the first sweater I ever made! The only construction note I have for this most recent version is that I should have knit the top of shoulders a little shorter since the neck opening ended up a little small.

The underarm picture is a reference to the first sweater I knit – John so much liked the orange yarn I’d used to hold the live stitches while finishing the knitting, that he wanted it to stay! So I grafted the underarm with that orange yarn, and he was very satisfied with the “flash of color”. With this sweater, when I grabbed the closest yarn to place the underarm stitches on hold, I realized it would be a nice little touch to leave it, and a bit of a signature move.


Apparently I’ve already forgotten about the trials and tribulations of not having matching dyelots of the yarn (which led to a whole lot of ripping out, and subsequent striping), but I really can’t tell the difference at this point! I’d all but forgotten about it, but if you look closely you should be able to see the cuffs and hem a different color. Anyways, another sweater completed, yey!

2 thoughts on “green & tweedy seamless sweater”

    1. Thanks Donna! It’s a fun little thing, but I also like how it’s a nod to the construction of the sweater itself in a way.

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