around here







 These past weeks, I have been…
accepting that winter has come. It is bringing with it a little snow, and if we’re lucky, some sunny days. It’s time to bundle up with layers of sweaters and scarves and mittens and hats, and seek out winter-activities; sculpture spotting, gingerbread cities, hot chocolate in abundance…
eating soups made with our fancy new stick blender. Those things are awesome! Hummus is super quick to make now, and of course… the soups. In the picture is a sellery root & potato soup with mushrooms and a whole lot of fresh olive oil.
– marvelling at the intense green color of our fresh oil. It’s peppery like nothing else, and has a kick like a neat whiskey.
– knitting
along on the hat that I mentioned. I am so thrilled with the fancy looking cables I’m managing. It’s in a delicious merino & alpacca yarn that I think will be perfect for the winter.
getting some smaller sewing projects out of the way before digging into a bigger project. I have a couple of Grainline Tiny Tanks going and a portrait blouse, and a few secret-for-now gifts.
– reading newspapers, since I started a subscription to a weekly paper. I love having subscriptions!


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