slouchy bubbles winter hat

In my wardrobe post I mentioned one thing I realized while pouring over the into-mind website. That realization was that I don’t have winter gear that makes me feel coordinated. Thankfully that’s pretty easy to fix! Winter wool hat to the rescue:


Yarn: Aran weight “Cotinga” from Dalegarn in dark blue-grey colorway 5685, about 1.5 skeins worth. My ravelry project page is here.
Pattern: Slouchy bubbles by tshep
Techniques: Cable cast on, 2×1 rib, cables.



I find it pretty funny that once again I’m taking hat pictures while crouching down. You can kind of tell, haha! I’ve needed a really warm winter hat, and after my last cabled hat I knew I wanted to make another one. I really like cables on knit hats! For this warm version I thought a thicker, part alpaca wool would make for a dense and warm knitted fabric, and wow – does it ever. Granted, it hasn’t gotten biting cold yet, but I stayed toasty warm in near-freezing temperatures, and I’ve even had to take it off climbing hills. I’d say that’s mission accomplished!

slouchy_bubbles_hat_front2 Oh, is there a camera here?


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