2013 – hits and misses

I totally didn’t see Gillians Top 5 sewing recap arrangement last year, but I’ll happily join this year! I see that I’m not as prolific as a lot of the bloggers I follow, so I’m doing top 3 instead of 5. Today are hits and misses, and tomorrow comes the reflections and goals part of this end-of-year summary. I’m in good company doing this sort of round-up – head over to Gillan’s blog Crafting a Rainbow to see more!

Top 3 Hits

ireland_fascinator Ireland_stair3

The Ireland dress. I *loved* wearing this dress. I loved being able to finally use the lovely fabric for an elegant, floorlength gown, I loved how appropriate it was for the occasion, and I loved that I took the time to make several muslins to get the fit right. Love all around!


The Slouchy bubbles hat. This wasn’t a big, difficult or time-consuming project with intricate fitting issues, but this is definitely one of my favorite makes this year. The cables are the most advanced I have knitted (and that makes it fun to make!), and the yarn and the color are just perfect.

redesign_taupe_dress_before redesign_taupe_after_full

Refashioned custom dress. This wasn’t even a dress for me! I remade this for a customer, but I was thrilled with the end result – it fit her, it was the style and length that she wanted, and I was able to use my experience to construct the dress to a professional finish, which made me quite proud! 

Top 3 Misses


Amerson undies. I tried twice, and they were just total fails. They seem to have been quite popular, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the pattern per se. I might have chosen the wrong size, and maybe materials that weren’t optimal, but after two fails I’m letting this one lie.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Tiny pocket tank in turquoise silk. A well-loved pattern and a down-right staple in my wardrobe at this point, but with this one I made some bad choices. I did an FBA that resulted in a stupidly large dart (pointy dart ends!), I was impatient and grabbed some not quite matching bias tape in a funny dark pink silk, and I was a little sloppy in applying it. I was craving some instant gratification, so I wanted to complete this top immediately! None of these things are deal breakers however – but paired with the color being too bright for me to feel comfortable in this has ended up in a top I just haven’t worn.


Wool Marie (not blogged yet). I had high hopes for this one! One of my sewing goals for 2013 was to finish UFO’s, and this is one of them. I stalled several times because of bad choices and bad memory, and now after finishing it – it doesn’t fit! I like the fabric and the color and the topstitching I added to keep the pleats under control, but it’s too big and is quite unflattering when it sits too low. Yes, I could take in the sides with a lot of unpicking, but I’m not sure the work is worth it. I haven’t even blogged about this one yet – probably purely out of disappointment, but now I think I will give it its own post after all.

*     *     *

Finally, I did also want to collect all my finished projects in one place like last year, so here are links to my completed sewing and knitting projects this year:

SewnAfrican dress tweaksTiny pocket tank in turquoise silkFolk dance costumesBeignet corduroy skirtIreland dressUnderwearrefashioned custom dressTiny pocket tank in bird-printWearable muslin of Ireland dress (not blogged yet, but finished in 2013 I promise!)

Knitted: Renegade Mallory sweater Re-knit yellow cowlWedding present mittensGreen & tweedy seamless sweaterSlouchy bubbles winter hat


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