wool marie


I shared this picture in the 2013 -hits and misses post, of a Marie-skirt in wool. I love Marie-skirts. This is the third so far, and there will be more. However – I listed this under the misses. Not a super-successful make!

Fabric: A wool/poly blend in a herringbone pattern, from Stoff og stil. I can’t find it on their website at all now, probably since it was bought several years ago.
Pattern: Marie skirt from BurdaStyle
Techniques: Full lining, stitched down pleats, handpicked zipper, elastic buttonloops.


The skirt looks perfectly ok – in fact, in the picture above it even looks good, but I’m totally cheating and holding it in and up. The skirt is meant to sit at the natural waist, but in my too-big version my waist unfortunately disappears when the skirt falls down. Looking back on the past two versions, that has also been a problem (being too big or the waistband stretching) – now I know what to be particularly aware of! Maybe it’s not just me? Maybe the skirt is a little to heavy and not formfitting to stay up at the natural waist?

While the fit is the biggest issue for me with this skirt, it’s more or less an example of all the practices I will try to avoid in 2014 – having many projects going at once; letting them sit with months between working on them; forgetting what changes I’ve made or were planning to make to the pattern and the construction. I started this skirt I think two years ago, and the on-again-off-again sewing shows. I drafted my own waistband and forgot to add an overlap on the waistband for the closure. I included absolutely no ease in the lining I added. The fabric is a little to heavy for the volume of the skirt, and I didn’t interface the waistband (that was pure laziness. Always interface the pieces that needs to be stable. Always).

I realize this is a somewhat negatively loaded post, and I don’t mean to just trash this skirt. I actually didn’t plan on blogging about this skirt at all, since it doesn’t excite me to blog about something I’m both not crazy about and not planning on wearing, but it’s also an interesting exercise in seeing exactly what it was that went awry.

For next time (oh, yes – I’ve already planned another one!) I’ll choose a more suited fabric (as in – a thinner and more drapey fabric); I think a hem-facing will make for a better result because of the curved hem; I will be less in a rush when drafting; and I will not blindly finish something I started 2 years ago – you know, in case my measurements might have changed in the meanwhile! This is a perfectly well made skirt, so I will either give it to someone who will use it now, or just put it away and see if it will fit me better at some other stage of my life.

wool_marie_backI actually really like the back view! I think the pleats are more flattering there, and a little less overwhelming… At least in this dense of a fabric.


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