a wardrobe peek

I was folding and putting away my clothes the other night, and I was reminded of calling purple a preferred color in my post on the Minoru jacket I just finished (using a purple color, of course). Seeing my clothes all (fairly) neatly hung and piled, I found it funny to see my clothing color preferences so clearly!

DSC_4919 DSC_4920 DSC_4921

A huge part grey and dusty blues, a fair presence of mustard yellow and yellowy green, and a dash of hot pink. It’s interesting to see that I clearly favor warm purples in the tops that I wear (top left), but I have no sweaters or skirts in that color. Similarly, most greens are found just in the sweater pile (top right), and not much anywhere else.

Anyone else have recurring colors in their wardrobes?


4 thoughts on “a wardrobe peek”

    1. Ooh, nice! I’m noticing that the more I sew, the more I want to make garments that fit into my wardrobe and makes sense, and will get lots of use – not “closet orphans” as Sally at Already Pretty calls it. I’ve found the little excersises I’ve been doing really helpful in pinpointing what types of garments that would mean for me.

  1. Oh, I clearly have preferred colors! Just check out the last 12 outfits I made in my handmade wardrobe and a magenta/purple color, red, and chocolate brown keep occurring. After my next few makes, teal/turquoise will start taking the lead. It’s funny, these are not the colors I would have predicted even 5 years ago. I want some pumpkin oranges, dark greens, and some harvest yellows in there now.

    1. Ooo, and patterns! You’re much better than me at that in the clothes you’ve made! ;) Red really looks smashing on you by the way! Purple is turning into my “new thing” – but when I think back I’ve had some very loved purple-colored clothes in the past too.

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