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Since last time, I have been…
living quietly. I’ve been feeling like I had to be working on a project all the time, so that a day was wasted if I didn’t sew after work or improve my website or something. I’m working on telling myself that reading and playing with the cat are perfectly acceptable and worthy after-work-activities too.
cuddling a lot with our brand new cat! We’ve only had her for a few weeks, but she’s a funny and sweet little thing. And loves to sit on my lap and watch (and swat) what I’m doing.
reading my newspaper and loving it. It’s a weekly newspaper, but without sports or tv-guides or the like, and pretty much every page is an interesting read. Plus a weekly quiz, and I like quizzes.
eating poached eggs for the first time. Yummy!
visiting a brand new baby wearing some jersey pants I made him. I used this pattern, and it was very easy, fit right (or so the mama tells me!), and used a stupidly small amount of fabric.
watching sunsets and sunrises and thrilled that we can see them at all on precious clear days. I’m so glad my work has a view of the water and the outside, so I can watch the weather and the boats roll by. I so enjoy that. And when I’m not watching water, I can watch the galaxy that appear on my wall from light breaking through glass building blocks. It’s kind of magic.


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