around here – summer edition

2014-06-09 16.23.432014-06-05 21.42.152014-06-28 17.35.532014-06-29 00.03.552014-06-20 13.09.062014-07-09 14.15.362014-07-04 18.39.00
2014-07-04 12.46.042014-07-04 10.30.142014-07-03 13.42.022014-07-02 14.01.572014-07-10 20.41.38

Quite the picture-dump! This is my summer vacation (more or less) summed up in pictures of plants and colors, travels to Italy and Copenhagen and the quick rock-climbing/tenting trip to coastal Telavåg, and eating and biking and friends, and finally a very tired little kitty. We’ve had absolutely amazing weather here in Bergen for what is starting to feel like months, and for a city know for its incessant rain that is a huge deal! Ironically in this hot weather I’ve picked up my Bayview Street Cardigan again, but then it’ll be ready for the fall. Good planning! The plaid shirtdress is also almost done – I just need to sew in the sleeves and add buttons and buttonholes. The fit is looking really good, but I’m a little concerned all that earth-colored plaid is looking a bit “Little House on the Prairie”! We shall see.

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