disqus & instagram

Hey there! Just a quick check-in to tell you I’ve made a few updates to the space, like a new header (greenish golden yellow! I love that color), and switching over to Disqus for the commenting handling. If you’re already signed up with a Disqus profile, great! I’m a total newbie to this, but I’ve understood that you can use your facebook, twitter og gmail login as well, or just post as a guest with your name and email. Let me know if you have any issues with anything!

Aaand… I joined the Instagram-bandwagon! I’m usually really slow to jump on social media things, really waiting it out to triple-check that it’s something that fits in with my style and that it’s something I’ll stay with. You can find me at www.instagram.com/indigorchid, or click that instagram-logo right in the sidebar over there. I’ll probably not be the five-photos-per-day type of poster, but I’m aiming for consistent little snippets of stuff that catches my eye!

Never a post without a photo! This is what I did last weekend, that I referred to in my post about the twisted jersey skirt I made:

2014-07-26 16.13.25Seeing the port full of masts and sailboats during the Tall Ships Races recently.



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