watercolor hemlock


Alright, moving along with my recent photoshoot pictures! This is a Hemlock tee that I finished last week. I made one this spring that I’ve worn a lot, currently out of commission because of a grease stain… Anyone have suggestions for grease stains that have been sitting for a while, or through the tumble drier? Dish soap did not do the trick!

Fabric: Viscose jersey from Stoff og Stil, unfortunately not on their website.
Pattern: Hemlock Tee from Jen at Grainline studio.
Techniques: Jersey fabric, neck binding, serged seams.


I tried something a little different with this version, which I mentioned in the previous Hemlock-post. I narrowed the neckline by maybe 1″, and narrowed and shortened the sleeves as well. I was trying to make the fit just a little less casual, but I think the success of the fit is quite dependent on the casual details! I also did shorten the neckline band past the usual recommended 85%, since this fabric is extremely drapey, and the previous Hemlock neckline didn’t lie quite flat I think from not being short enough. I guess I overdid it a bit – this neckband pulls and makes the neckline significantly smaller than it was without. I feel like Goldilocks – the first was too big, the second too small – the third will be perfect!


The fabric is a little unusual for me, but I’m working on getting comfortable with prints and… well, non-solids. I really like the color of this watercolor-psychology-ink-blot-test-pattern – it’s kind of fun! I’ve lost the little sticker with the info, but I’m pretty sure this is a viscose jersey. It’s the drapiest I’ve ever handled – seriously, it was like sewing with water solidified.


Next up I think will be the kimono/robe I’m making from fabric I bought in London at the recent Goldhawk Road meet-up! I’m almost done, so then it’s just a matter of getting pictures taken. I’m of course having the same issue as the rest of the bloggers in the northern hemisphere – freezing temperatures and lack of daylight. I will find a solution!


6 thoughts on “watercolor hemlock”

  1. Cute tee! I found your blog through a link from Lladybird.

    To cure old grease stains on tees: Run the stain through steaming hot water under the faucet to open up the fibers. Then use a couple shots of Simple Green which can be found on the car care aisle of the grocery store. Then a couple shots of Shout. Scrub with a stiff bristle brush and launder as usual. Works every time!

    1. Hey Becky – welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

      Wow, thanks for the tip – I will look into if we have something similar to Simple Green here in Norway! I know the chemistry is roughly “apply something that breaks up grease”, haha, but finding exactly which products that works can be tricky!

    1. Ooo, I’d like to be effortless but cool! Good thing I’m wearing this shirt almost every other day then! ;) The fabric shop I think is getting better – or, it’s getting better at *also* stocking trendier fabrics. I think it’s all their own fabrics? I’ve never seen fabrics being from a particular designer. They do a catalogue mail-order service (which I’ve used almost as much as I used to order clothes from the H&M catalogues in high school!), but I’m fortunately close enough now to go into one of the stores to fondle the fabrics directly, hehe!

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