twisted jersey ikat skirt (and a tutorial that is barely a tutorial)

ikat jersey skirt (1)

So! I made this skirt. It’s my second attempt at those twisted skirts that I’ve come to really like – I made the first one last summer. I had quite a hard time understanding how exactly to make that first skirt, even with tutorials I found, and I ended up taking it in several times so it would actually stay up!

I’m teaching a sewing class again this spring, and one of the girls in my group bought a pattern from Stoff & Stil for this type of twisted skirt. Once I realized the “pattern” was really just a few lines of instructions I couldn’t help myself – I wanted to make one too!

ikat jersey skirt (4)

Fabric: A viscose/cotton (I think?) jersey from Stoff & Stil, in an ikat print.
Pattern: From Stoff & Stil, but not on their website anymore. I guess they retire patterns every so often.
Techniques: Overlocking, Lauren’t elastic insertion technique.

It really is a super simple skirt to make, and I will tell you how. This is the tutorial-part of this post:

  1. Cut a rectangle measuring as wide as your hips, and as long as you want the skirt x 2, plus a few inches to account for the twisting and the waistband.
  2. Sew the long side up so you have a skinny tube.
  3. Fold the tube back on itself, so the two raw ends are lined up.
  4. Twist one end somewhere between ¼ and ½ of a circle depending on how much twisting action you want. This skirt is twisted about 1/3, after deciding the first skirt I made has too much twisting and is borderline too short in certain situations. Though, this second attempt ended up significantly longer (which I don’t mind), so the depth of the upwards v-shape isn’t too big of a deal.
  5. Sew in an elastic at the top edge. I used this technique that Lauren showed on her blog, and I think it came out very neat and tidy – just like she shows it. I used a zig-zag stitch because I couldn’t find a twin needle in the moment. I wanted to use a twin needle thinking that would look the nicest and most professional, but honestly – you can’t even tell there is a seam there at all with the print going on, so it’s all good. One note though – the elastic stretched while sewing it in, so I actually redid it once, and still I am not entirely happy with the amount of pulling in. This may or may not have to do with the quality of the elastic I used. Probably does.

Ok, so I guess that is borderline a real tutorial. Though, no pictures of the process, because really – it’s so simple. Rectangle, tube, elastic. Bam, you’re done. I like that there is no obvious front or back to this way of sewing the skirt. The print hides the only seam (which is slanted down the length of the skirt), so I can just pull it on without any adjusting at all. Yeah!

ikat jersey skirt (2)

ikat jersey skirt (3)

So yeah! I’m happy with the skirt! I’ve attempted a half-assed spring capsule wardrobe , and this is absolutely one of my pieces. The rest is mostly grey, some navy and a couple of mustard yellow pieces. I say the capsule wardrobe is half-assed because there are several things I decided I needed to buy to fill in the gaps, like a grey pair of jeans, a lighter weight spring jacket, several more tops or blouses since I have about… three (in this capsule wardrobe at least!). But! I keep trying to go shopping, but when I do, I’m so picky I never come home with anything! Either it’s not the right color, or the right fit, or the material is crappy polyester that I don’t want to buy, or it’s completely out of my price range. My shopping trips usually last 10-15 minutes before I get aggravated and just go home. Haha! I’m not much for shopping for clothes I guess. Also, I’m not too concerned about doing  this capsule wardrobe thing correctly right now since I have a lot of stuff going on in my life – including having four exams over the next month! By the end of it I will be a certified teacher, so that is the incentive right there – I can’t wait!

Anyone else doing a capsule wardrobe? And succeeding? Or making jersey skirts? (come on, do it! So easy!)

ikat jersey skirt (5)


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