about indigorchid

Things I like: Typography, bookbinding, letterpresses (though I haven’t tried that yet. It looks fantastic). Summer salads, my sewing machine, fountain pens, pretty lettershapes, old manuscripts. Textiles. Making textiles. Unicorn horns, or spermwhale horns actually. Medieval leather shoes. I want to make me some. Plants, if I can keep them alive. I make underwear. And pretty dresses. I like wheel throwing, and black specled glazes for pottery. I like the smell of freshly cut grass. I love reaching the bottom of jars and using up all there is. I believe in repurposing and reusing and mindful spending. I want to make soap and shampoos. I’m a devil at leftover cooking. I like organizing and lists where I can check off boxes and cross out things. Anything accomplished is lovely. Paper and glue. Wool and yarn and spinning.

*     *     *

I’m a twentyseven year old seamstress, patternmaker, and costume maker living in Bergen, Norway.

My portfolio site is here, and you can also find me on pinterest, ravelry, or email me at indigorchid(at) gmail.com.
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