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is it time for wool hats yet?

Yes it is. I took these pictures yesterday in beautiful, chilly sunset  light, and this morning, looking at the sun rising on my city, there are big snowflurries in the air, settling on the mountaintops right across the valley. We’re on the brink of winter, and I’m finding the need to get my woolens in order – taking them out of storage, washing them, and mending them.

knitted wool cable hat

This hat should look pretty familiar. I made one, almost identical, last winter. It ended up a little too big, so I cast on fewer stitches this time, and went to it. I love the pattern for this hat, with the perfect rhythm of cables in different sizes. The yarn came from a merino wool sweater that I took apart, and the yarn is so thin I had to knit with 4 strands at once! (The pattern is Kristen of KristenMakes’s Cabled Watch-cap, and my ravelry notes are here)

The picture is a little blown out, but I’m pleased with how the cables merged for the decreasing at the crown.

I am really intrigued by decreases at the crown of hats. The best ones are little fantastic little design-puzzles, where the pattern melds perfectly with shaping the crown, and ends up in a circle, or swirling lines, or cables integral to the pattern itself. Working with this hat, I thought of a fun challenge – making a top down hat to really make the shaping of the crown and the pattern there the star of the show. I’ll just add that to the other 7 projects I’m currently working on and planning. (meaning, maybe in two years I’ll get around it!)

I was left to my own devices to take these photos, and it involved a lot of running back and forth, crouching, trying to be in focus, and in frame! I missed a couple, as you can see, but I did want to share a side picture of the hat and all the cables.

Now, what is happening to the other hat? I don’t need two almost identical hats around, especially with one being too big, so the first hat is being sent off to live with a friend with a bigger head! I know it fits her, and I’m happy that the hat can go be useful somewhere else. Win win all around!

Fix it Friday: chair gets cozied up

This weeks fixing is not a garment. That’s ok, right? I bought this chair years ago, and it became my first re-upholstering project as I covered the kind of dingy yellow cotton with a luscious  silk. I thought (and still think) that the dark wood looked lovely with the saturated royal blue, but our apartment kind of looks like 1001 nights camping out with vintage/modern Scandinavian things right now, and I’m working on making it more nordic. Also, the fabric was starting to tear. No worries, the silk will be repurposed as bias binding!

Also, taking pictures in the winter is hard with the lack of daylight in the hours I’m at home doing crafty things. We decided (well, I decided, but John took the pictures (thanks!), so – “we”) to put the chair in the spotlight and take some interrogation style pictures. You have to make your own entertainment sometimes!

I saw this chair on pinterest a while ago, and I thought pairing knits with things you sit on seemed like a fantastic idea. A randomly gifted scarf came to the rescue, and now the chair is all cozied up.

The beauty of a small project like this, is that I can change out the seat fabric whenever I want. All I need is a half yard of fabric and a little time! I might not want to keep it like this forever, but for right now, I think it’s cute.

Fix it Friday: pants to mini-skirt

Sherry of pattern~scissors~cloth had a “Fix-it-Friday” last week, and I love the idea! I definitely also have a pile of things that needs some fixing and refashioning, and seeing other people tackling their pile in a semi-organized way is a great inspiration to tackle my own!

Mmm, my Bayview Street Cardigan is back in action!

I don’t have any before pictures of these cropped, slightly wide-legged pants before they became a skirt. I rediscovered them while visiting my parents over Christmas, and while I’ve always loved the pinstripes and the soft fabric of the pants, I really wasn’t loving the pants anymore. I bought the pants on a trip to Dublin with my dear friend, so I’m sure the memories I’d attached to the pair made it hard to toss them out!

All the cars driving around was making me a bit nervous – look at my fist  clenched up in a ball!

It was a pretty easy refahion; I unpicked the inseams, and up to the bottom of the fly on the front, and the widest part of my hips on the back. I tried really hard to get a straight line down from those points – but the fly is set in on a curve, so there is some odd stuff going on in the front. It’s not super-noticable, and I’ve decided I’m happy. I mimicked the faux flat-felled seams that was already going on, which is just the seam allowance folded to one side and top-stitched ¼” apart. You can kind of make it out in the close-up above.

It’s a bit on the narrow side, and if I had more patience and/or time I would have put in a vent in the back, so I could stride along uninhibited! Nitpicking aside, I’m super-happy with having a mini-skirt I’ve used several times this week from something I never wore. I’m looking forward to tweaking and tackling more cast-offs from my wardrobe!

curry & snow

Well, look at that – I knit something!

With an absolute want of wintry knits, I had to hit the stash and make it happen before the temperatures dropped too much. One I had already started; the cabled watch-cap:

It took a lot of episodes of “House of Eliott”, but I finished it! Washing it got rid of all the kinks in the yarn, but it did bring about a slight problem. I guess it’s like straightening curly hair (which I know nothing about even though I’ve wished for curly hair for years) – it’s way longer in its unkinky form. Which means, my hat is too big. Luckily it’s all wool, so I think a tumble in the dryer under strict supervision might be enough to make it have the right amount of snugness. Don’t want to have my hat falling off after spending that much time on it, do I!

My other knit was a fairly quick, and much needed cowl. Ever since making a loop scarf out of the yarn that did not want to be knit, I’ve become a cowl convert. No ends to tuck away, or fly away – just woollyness around my neck! The yarn has been in my stash for years, and I’ve been tucking it away, waiting for the perfect project. I’m not quite sure if perfect projects are real, or just something that makes your stash dusty while you wait for perfection to arrive, but this yarn – finally – told me it wanted to be a cowl. I’ve been afraid of using it for a project that just wasn’t good enough, but this felt very right.

Also, I made curry today while wearing the cowl (it’s a bit chilly this time of year here – even inside), and they were totally the same color. That made me happy. Also happy? This picture of a boat at the docks we can see from our apartment. It is clearly also feeling the curry and snow.

All phots by John B.

my portfolio

Some people might have noticed I have updated and tweaked  the blog a little lately, including a new button, “portfolio”. You see, I’ve gotten my portfolio website up and running!

This is where I’ve collected a lot of my projects, both school-related and professional. I didn’t build the website from the ground up, but I certainly did a lot of tweaking to make it work more like I wanted it to. It was frustrating to the point of pulling my hair out and screaming at times, but it ended up looking pretty nice, if I may say so!

Go check it out!