sewing underwear: the (free) pattern

Underwear. Knickers. Pants. Undies. Whatever you call them, I have a free pattern for sewing your underwear that I want to share with you! I’ve included several sizes; XS, S, M, and L – so I hope that is helpful!

I’ve been making underwear from t-shirts for years. My first undies-sewing attempt taught me that I should follow the grain of the fabric. The second time I discovered that twin needles are awesome. Most recently I’ve been playing around with different kinds of elastics to finish the underwear, and I’ll be showing that soon!

The “t-shirt underwear” pattern I’ve made is in the bikini brief style, but it can easily be tweaked to fit you perfectly. It’s graded in four sizes; extra small, small, medium, and large. I think the sizes should be pretty standard, but do let me know your feedback!

So if you want to make your own underwear, click the image above or the link below to download the pattern! The pdf includes the choice of 1 page in the 11″ X 17″ format, or 3 pages that you line up and tape together (it is formatted to work for both US Letter and European A4 – just make sure there is no resizing when you print).

Download the t-shirt underwear pattern!

I’ll be doing a couple of posts on sewing the underwear, the basics of how to sew them together, and then some options of how to finish them with different types of elastics. So be sure to come back for that!

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Did you miss a post in this underwear-making adventure?

If you make a pair (or five?) from this pattern, please share! Comment, link back, and show off!


thrifted jacket

Last weekend, the boy and out went out for a walk in the neighbourhood, and quite randomly stopped by the local thriftstore. I found this jacket, and at $7 it was quite a steal!


The tag says it’s from a 2004 season, and it’s in excellent condition. Now – I actually already have another couple of double-breasted trench-looking jackets in different lengths – but in black. I guess I’ll have myself quite a collection if I keep this up! The hat, scarf, mittens and skirt is made/remade by me, and the shoes are thrifted.

The appearance of this skirt in two consecutive posts is purely random – this is the first time since last post I’ve worn it. And, I think this door might be my new photoshoot spot – I seem to gravitate towards this place for outfit pictures.

I haven’t had a finished project to show off in quite a while now. I have been happily crafting, I just seem to be at the same stage of all of my projects; the middle. Haha! I think I will have some finished this soon though, especially with the anticipated Spring Break currently upon me.