self-stitched-september: Days 15-19

Day 15Another-Marie-skirt-outfit: another Marie-skirt, clothes-swap sweater, Bass shoes
Day 16 Comfy-day-outfit: Gap silk tank, beach-blouse,  Zara corduroy pants, Bass shoes, thrifted cardigan, H&M necklace
Day 17Thrifting-outfit: grandma-dress, Zara cardigan, Blowfish booties, thrifted belt
Day 19Lunch-date-outfit: cardigan from Gudrun Sjödén, self-made silk-top, System Action pants,  Bianco flats

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self-stitched-september: Days 10-14

Where is day 10 you ask? Day 10 I wore my tailored jacket, along with rolled up jeans and my flat oxfords. It was very newsboy-esque. However, I unintentionally left my jacket at work over the weekend, so no picture was to be had that day. These days however:

Day 11Babysitting-outfit: refashioned sweater, yard sale Club Monaco shirt, Zara corduroy jeans, chucks
Day 12 Lounging-at-home-outfit: shirt from linQ, mustard shorts
Day 13Dressing-down-a-pencil-skirt-outfit: pencil skirt, thrifted F21 dress turned shirt, Bianco flats, H&M necklace
Day 14Little-house-on-the-prarie-outfit: grey dress, thrifted white skirt, sandals, and belt

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self-stitched-september: Days 6-9

Where is day 5 you ask? Day 5 was spent on a bike, in bike-performance-wear – none of which was self-stitched. So. No day 5 unfortunately. But here are the following days!

Day 6 –  Labour-day-outfit: self-stitched shorts, tank-top, self-knitted cardigan, thrifted sandals
Day 7Back-to-school-outfit:: shirt from linQ, refashioned skirt, sandals from Etsy seller SallyJaneVintage
Day 8 Back-to-work-outfit: beach-blouse, Zara corduroy jeans, necklace from antique market in Beijing, flats from Bianco
Day 9Just-at-school-outfit: Marie-skirt, shirt from somewhere, Blowfish booties

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self-stitched-september: Days 1-4

This is what trying to take outfit pictures looks like. It’s a lot of scuttling to make the timer, standing in the right spot, looking at the camera, while not blinking your eyes or bending your legs so much that you look silly. Often though, the “unsuccessful” pictures are my favorites.

Day 1Neighbourhood-errands-outfit: self-stitched Marie-skirt, thrifted shirt, thrifted wedge sandals.
Day 2 Rainy-day-outfit: boat-dress, Viking wellies, thrifted belt
Day 3Lounging-at-home-outfit: remade thrifted shirt, H&M tank, Zara pants
Day 4Cook-out-outfit: self-stitched shirt, Quicksilver jeans, thrifted Anne Klein suede oxford flats, earrings from Etsy seller metamorph

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Zoe, from “So Zo…” has been the initiator of several sewing-related projects, like Stashbustin’, “Me-Made-March”, and “Me-Made-May”. For the latter projects, she pledged to wear only “me-made” clothing for the months of March and May, and had a community of sewers and seamstresses alongside her, wearing their own homemade garments exclusively or partially, every day, for an entire month.

The next project coming up is “Self-Stitched-September”, and this time, I’m playing along. I snapped some quick pictures of what I have to work with, and this is it:

Hmmm, preferred colors anyone?

I’ve pledged that ‘I, indigorchid (, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear handmade and/or refashioned items of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010’. The important thing to me isn’t, and won’t be, to wear *only* self-stitched things in an outfit. I do want to push myself though, and consider the self-stitched garments as the main part of my outfit – the piece I start out with. I also want to make sure I wear every single of these garments at least once during the month of September.

I actually have a couple of more things available to wear, since I’ve finished my boat dress, and a nearly finished Marie-skirt. I’m quite excited for the month of September, and of course I’ll post here on how I’m doing!

P.S. I made a little widget in the sidebar that will pull up all of my Self-Stitched-September posts. As you can see, there are a couple of new projects in the works! (That also means that some of the links don’t lead anywhere – yet!) Also, see the blogroll on the right hand side for the link to Zoe’s original call to self-stitchedness.