corners of my home, pt. 4 – my sewing corner

Breezes are coming through open doors and windows, it smells like fresh cut grass, and an enthusiastic game of soccer is happening somewhere out there, out of sight, but making up the noises of summer.

While I’m enjoying a week of vacation back in my home town, my sewing corner as I am showing it to you, is soon a thing of the past. We’re moving apartments in a week, so things are looking a bit more like this corner of my home post from six months ago – boxes everywhere!

Still, I wanted to show you where I’ve had my little sewing nook in this apartment. The bedroom is a long room, so we stuck the mirrored wardrobe in the middle, and created a walk-in-wardrobe slash sewing space.

A thrift-store table, recovered chair, a lamp, a shelf for my patterns, boxes filled with notions and supplies, and jars for my spools of thread, and some hooks for my scissors. It’s not much, but I’ve been very pleased with having found space for my sewing stuff. And… how can I forget those boxes on the floor overflowing with fabrics and projects! Very stylish, I know.

My favorite part must be the hooks for the scissors. I didn’t realize my scissors matched so well – or, that they happened to be organized by size that day!

(From the left is my super-heavy paper scissors, a pair of 10″ KAI scissors, my 9″ all around Ginghers, and another KAI, 8″. Um yes, I love my KAI’s. Best scissors ever.)

I feel like you get into this strange little bubble when you take apart the home you’ve made for yourself in one place, to pack it down, carry, and reassemble in another space. It’s a little stressful, but I’m looking forward to setting up in a new apartment with (spoiler alerts!) a view, daylight, and hopefully soon, a little kitten too!

corners of my home, pt 3

We interrupt regular craft-centric posting to share this mess with you:

After seven months of being packed up, sitting first in a warehouse, then on a train, a boat, another few months being inexplicably stuck in Hamburg doing what I do not know, and then some boats and trains and trucks later… all our stuff finally made it to us! We tore everything open, and now we have piles of books and clothes and pictures and things everywhere while we find a good place for them all. I beyond delighted.

That’s my pile of crafting books in the foreground, and I’m thrilled to pieces to have my stash and patterns and tools reunited again. Let the crafting begin!

corners of my home, pt 2

This Thanksgiving weekend is spent not celebrating traditionally, but chatting with far-away family with the use of webcam-wonders, and being thankful even with the absence of turkeys, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and all the other fixings.

I still feel like we’re setting up house here, and we’re still waiting for the rest of our things to arrive. But I am glad for some little things – a full tea set in the thinnest porcelain, inherited from a favorite great-aunt; some beautiful colored glass stemware; a little ceramic dish for a little bar of hand-soap, making something utilitarian in the kitchen feel a little more aesthetically pleasing. So while we’re patiently waiting for the rest of our settling to happen, it is calming to have some things in order.


corners of my home

For anyone familiar with the soulemama blog, this title will sound familiar. It’s almost a movement by now, with the simple idea of documenting and sharing the little things in a home – the things that seem insignificant, but yet when you’re reminded of them, feel so very familiar and laden with memories.

These are some corners of the home I am just getting set up and setteled in to. Some early corners, so to speak!

I’m reunited with my old bike! It’s so beat up, and I’m not terribly nice to it. But it’s a workhorse, and I think having a bike to get around on makes any town lovelier to live in! Also, our new apartment has a woodstove, which we’ve already used several times. It’s getting cold and dark, and there is really nothing like a roaring fire. And finally, the moving this summer took its toll on my poor sewing machine. It is making some quite un-nice sounds, so I haven’t dared use it until it gets some attention. It does mean that I can’t work on my sewing projects!

So what is a girl to do? Well, besides spend all her time sewing costumes in Haugesund? (See my boss-lady Janne’s blog for some sneak peeks of what we’re doing, and even some pictures of me!)

(Photo by John)

Turn down the lights and knit by candlelight, of course! In general, there will be a lot of knitting while I wait for both my internet and sewing machine to become reliable again! But that’s not the worst way to spend darkening fall nights, really.