featured on grainline!

You might already have seen this, but I’m featured over on Grainline Studio! Jen has posted the first in her new series of “Sew + Tell”, where she showcases projects people have made with her excellent patterns. Go check it out, and thanks Jen!

tiny pocket tanks

I made myself another tiny pocket tank! I loved the first one so much and found it so versatile, I knew I just had to make another as soon as possible. And I did, and just now got around to getting the man to take some pictures of me wearing it. It’s gotten tons of wear, just like the first, printed one – I’m finding it a definite staple in my wardrobe, and I especially like the shape of it – the neckline shape, the shape of the straps, the shape of the hem, et cetera. Staple I tell you, staple!

Remember Me-Made-May? The printed tiny pocket tank was by far the self-made garment I wore the most:

For being a graphic, tribal-looking print, I’ve found lots of uses for it! It’s a bit out of my comfort zone to have patterned clothes, but I think since the shape is so simple, it works really well as building block.

And can we talk about this jacket for a little bit (which pairs really well with the tanks, as both of the pictures above proves)? I’ve always admired the way people like Kendi of Kendi Everyday or E. of defunct but awesome Academichic wears blazers with anything and look smashing. I’ve come to realize that while the traditional blazer-shape doesn’t necessarily work for me, this seersucker- like, 3/4 sleeve, collarless jacket in fact, does. It’s structured without being stuffy, and dressy without being serious. And, it takes a perfectly basic (albeit a very well-shaped basic) tank top up a notch if I need it, and that I approve of.

Now, I think perhaps the next tiny pocket tank will have an actual tiny pocket on it. Maybe a nice, matte silk would be nice? Ooo, yes I think so!