happy easter

Easter in my windowsill: painted eggs on branches, with cranes and mountains in the background.

Happy easter everyone! We have almost a week off for easter here in Norway, so I’ve been spending it with lots of good food, beer, and wine; mountain hikes; knitting and sewing; fires in the woodstove; reading; and of course – painting some eggs.

The painting of the eggs was kind of a mitigated success:  we didn’t have a very good technique for blowing those eggs so it felt like it took forever, and I even managed to break one before we got started! But eventually we could decorate our brown eggs (we get our eggs at the health food store, and I didn’t even think about the brown-ness of the eggs!) with some watercolors and some markers, and hang them in our little vase full of twigs. And John has got a new fancy phone from his new fancy job, so of course we’re playing around with that as well. Taking pictures of our beautifully decorated eggs!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!