black wool raglan (2)Hi there! My name is Birgitte, and this is the space where I share my crafty endeavors. Having grown up with an arts and crafts teacher as a mother and a theater director dad it is probably no wonder that I’ve ended up where I am. I love almost all kinds of creating, from re-upholstery to paper-making to knitting. My education has always been geared towards the aesthetic field, and I hold a BA in Art History in addition to a BFA in Fashion Design. Recently I also completed my teachers certification, and now work as an 8th grade teacher. I love it. I live in Bergen, Norway in my cozy apartment surrounded with inherited stuff (old stuff makes me happy), always have five different knitting projects going, and really love it when it doesn’t rain. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often enough. I’m pretty happy anyways.

And, maybe most importantly, I think the best way to show off a black sweater I’ve made is with a gold sequin skirt.

My portfolio site is here, and you can also find me on pinterest, ravelry, instagram, or email me at
indigorchid(at) gmail.com. You can also subscribe with a feedreader, or via email.