Bayview Street cardigan in progress

I mentioned a cardigan I was planning to knit in this post a couple of months ago (wow, already? How time flies!), and I’ve made progress! It’s the Bayview Street Cardigan, which I fell absolutely in love with, and had to make for myself.

I’ve knit the body up to the armholes, and now I’m working on all the shoulder parts. I’ve also gotten one sleeve done, with the other waiting patiently to be started. Now, I’ve been doing my very best to follow the pattern (for once), but it seems I’m uncapable of that. I haven’t done any major changes, but I messed up the sleeve a bit, starting the increasing way higher than I was supposed to. The only consequence is that the sleeve is now a little narrow, but I think I can live with that. Also, the waist shaping ended up wonky for me, so I fudged the position of that a little as well.

This is a lovely cardigan to knit, and I’m completely enamoured with my yarn as well – Cascade 220 Heathers. It is fairly soft, has a lovely heathered/tweedy character to it, and…. the color! I love this unclassifiable color! Is it yellow? Is it green? Is it brown? It is for sure perfectly suited to the lovely fall weather we’re having at the moment – welcome yellow leaves, rustling in the wind!

There is a knit-along for this cardigan on ravelry, and initially the goal was to spend the month of September making this. Clearly, I haven’t managed that (totally unofficial) goal, but I’m ok with that. I’m enjoying the knitting as it slowly grows, and I don’t think it’ll be that long before I can seam the cardigan up, block it, and wear it.

(my ravelry project page)

3 thoughts on “Bayview Street cardigan in progress”

  1. Hi mom! Hmm… that sounds awfully familiar – could we be related?

    Janne (& mom) – thank you! I love the color too! I’m looking forward to being all done with the cardigan so I can wear it!

  2. Hi knitter! Another sucsessful work. Your colour. Nice. When I was your age I had a tendency to make the sleeves too narrow. I suppose I was afraid they would turn out too wide if I followed the pattern.

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